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The Last War.

First, humanity waged conventional, economic and environmental war on each other. That wasn’t enough. New technologies emerged, untested and lethal.

The Rifts.

No one knows how, why or who opened the Rifts. We only know that our world became a nexus for interdimensional beings and energies. This would have wiped humanity off the planet, until we realized the Rifts are one way only.

The Wasteland.

Even those beings who counted themselves above mere mortals are struggling to survive in a dead landscape. Some wonder if losing our humanity is the key to saving humanity itself.

FATE Approaches:
Violence – warfare, fighting, wrestling, knives & clubs, endurance
Instincts – dodging, athletics, thrown weapons, empathy
Camouflage – stealth, deceit, lies, hiding, infiltration
Scavenge – mechanics, medicine, knowledge, investigation
Vigilance – alertness, firearms, perception, sense danger
Display – intimidation, communication, seduction, persuasion

This represents both the physical and emotional stamina of each character. Beginning Stress is 1 Box, +1 for each Positive Rating in Violence, Instincts and/or Camouflage. Engaging in sadistic, masochistic, deviant, sociopathic and/or psychotic behavior costs Stress. Doing this voluntarily will earn you a Fate Point. Essentially Compelling yourself. Healing is reduced in this setting. Characters heal only 1 Stress per Scene, or 1 level of Consequence per Day. If medical care is given in the field, a Resource can heal Stress on a one for one basis. A clean medical facility (very rare) will heal all Stress and Consequence next Scene.

This Stress Track represents the resources each character has in the Wastelands. Food, water, ammo, vehicles and shelter are subtracted from this Resource. Each character has 1 Box, +1 for each Positive Rating in Scavenge, Vigilance and/or Display. Using any Weapon or Armor requires spending a Resource to use, after which you have run out of ammo, the armor is useless, etc. Recovery of Resource is 1 point on a Success vs a Fair difficulty using Scavenge. Success with Style will earn you 2 points. The Wilds will reduce Resources by 1 per day. Yeah, it sucks.

Movies as Themes:
Reign of Fire
Any Mad Max/Road Warrior
28 Days/Weeks Later
The Postman

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